Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 26, 2010

It's hot & humid and even though Steffi did my hair today & it looks beautiful, I know I look like I've been electrocuted because the moisture in the air hit my head and now I look, once again, like one of those trolls.


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Are you ready for this mouthful?
This week is Week of Solidarity With the People of Non-Self--Governing Territories.

Today is National Senior Health & Fitness Day.

***Tomorrow is a full moon. We should start getting the psycho calls here today. This full moon is called Flower Moon by the Native Americans of New England and the Great Lakes because this time of year flowers are all over.

Today in History

1805 Lewis and Clark first see Rocky Mountains
1927 Ford Motor Company manufactures its 15 millionth Model T automobile
1973 Funky Worm by Ohio Players hits #15
1977 Movie "Star Wars" debuts

Word of the Day

regnant - prevalent; widespread

from the life & times of jessi bean

Knowing I am not going home for even a few days is strange and foreign to me. I always back out of staying at friends' houses for that reason. I like to be home. And these past few months I've gotten used to being home, alone.

But staying with Steffi has been really fun, and I can honestly say she makes it fun and worthwhile. We had nomnomnoms and watched Dear John and I yes, I cried, but not as much as I was expecting. Everyone said it was a real tear-jerker, but the only time I cried was when he was reading the letter to his father. That was the only point I cried. But it was an amazing movie. Beautiful and moving. Not was I was expecting from the synopsis.

I feel spoiled. Literally. We ate pork potstickers (hahaha I passed the addiction on), watched a tear-jerker, listened to movies, had nomnoms, woke up later than expected, she did my HAIR and then we had tazo tea on the way in. Oh! And she packed me a lunch!! Any more spoilage and you'll have to throw me out. bwah ha ha.

People of Chase
from the life & times of … you!

I need 3 volunteers for an experiment.
#1 - someone who does NOT dream (or at least doesn't think they do)
#2 - someone who dreams on a regular basis
#3 - someone who dreams more than they think is normal for a homosapien.

****ALSO**** If there's any pics of the karaoke....yeah. Send them this way.


Scary Spice's Song Promotion of the Day
(there ya go, Jan. got mahself a nicky-name. because My Gal Friday said I was scary spice for posting a pic of the scorpion that bit me up on FaceBook. or MySpace. one of them)

Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann
That's the Way by KC &the Sunshine Band
All Shook Up by Elvis

Wednesday Bonus
Dirty Water by Joe Grushecky & the House Rockers

♥for jmb♥
Patience by Guns'n'Roses

My Gal Friday…Steffi Style Song Promotion of the Day

Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys
Stand Back by Stevie Nicks
Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zepplin

Wednesday Bonus
Umbrella by Rhianna

Scruffles' Song Promotion of the Day

He's on a Rammstein kick.

Liebe ist für alle da
Roter Sand

Wednesday Bonus
Du Hast


"If I know what love is, it is because of you." ~Hermann Hesse

"She is not perfect. You are not perfect. The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other." ~Robin Williams

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~Douglas Adams

Roter Sand und weiße Tauben
Laben sich an meinem Blut
Am Ende gibt es doch ein Ende
Bin ich doch zu etwas gut.

Red sand and white doves
refresh themselves on my blood
In the end, there is still an ending
I am still good for something.
^from Roter Sand by Rammstein, at the request of my nephew, Scruffles

from random friends, family, etc.

"One day you wake up to find the roses were all made of paper and they've burned, and he's just a man...just as human as you are, and you want him to accept all your faults and yet forgive him none of his."
~Alicia Flanders (my mom)


Lilium kelloggii is a species of lily known by the common name Kellogg's lily. It is endemic to the Klamath Mountains of northern California and southern Oregon, where it grows in forests, including redwood understory. It is a perennial herb known to exceed two meters in height. It originates from a scaly, elongated bulb up to about 7.5 centimeters long. The stem is ringed with dense whorls of up to 40 leaves, each leaf up to 16 centimeters in length. The inflorescence bears up to 27 large, showy, nodding lily flowers. The fragrant flower is bell-shaped with 6 strongly recurved pink tepals up to 8 centimeters in length. There are 6 stamens with large red anthers up to 1.4 centimeters long and a pistil which may be over 4 centimeters in length. The flowers are pollinated by swallowtails.[1]


My Life is Average

I just discovered the google language options "bork, bork, bork!" "elmer fudd" "hacker" "Klingdon" and "pirate." Can you honestly side with yahoo after that? MLIA.

Today, I was in the mall and I saw a lady trying to steal a full sized mannequin by stuffing it under her clothes. I love you mall. MLIA.

A few days ago, my mom's best friend was pulled over on a back road for speeding. He ended up just giving her a warning. Why? She was dressed as the Cat in the Hat. MLIA

Today I was studying for the 4th of my four midterms for the week when I realized that not only do I talk to myself while studying, but I also crack jokes and laugh out loud at myself before continuing to study. Thank you college, for helping me completely lose my mind. MLIA

Today, I was driving to work. It was very snowy out and as I passed the town hall and police station, a saw a bunch of people having a huge snowball fight. When I drove closer, I realized the people were all the town cops, in uniform. MLIA
^This HAS to be a small town, and I want to know where it is, so I can move there.

Learn from My Fail

When you have your 5-year-old and her friend practice their numbers by counting their toes, make sure the friend ACTUALLY has 10 toes before telling her to "try again". #LFMF

Some things you can take at face value. Don’t spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how often to take your Once-A- Day brand vitamins. #LFMF

If you have long hair, always tie it up when using a power drill, and if you do get it caught, do not put the drill in reverse to unwind your hair, it will only make things worse. #LFMF

Aloe Vera and green hand sanitizer look very similar, they do not feel similar especially on a peeling sun burn. #LFMF

Customers are Fun

Demand A Battery Of Tests ASAP
Tech Support | Boston, MA, USA

(A customer comes to pick up a phone they had dropped off for repair.)
Customer: “I’m so glad it is working! What was the problem?”
Me: “It just needed to be charged.”
Customer: “No, it was fully charged Friday and then just died. There must be something else wrong with it. Please look at it further.”
Me: “Well I did. The battery was at 0%, in fact, you still will need to charge it for quite a while. It is working though.”
Customer: “No, you keep it and keep looking.” *leaves*
(The customer comes back two hours later. A co-worker handles it.)
Customer: “So is it okay?”
Coworker: “Yes, it turns out there was a problem with the phone’s N.R.G. We have corrected it.”
Customer: “So that explains it!”

Chuck Norris Factoid of the Day

"Chuck Norris can speak Braille. "

The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon
Special Requests from Nick Ramos

"Jack Black"

was in Be Kind Rewind with Mos Def(1)
who was in The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon(2)
"Jackie Chan"
was in Shanghai Noon with Xander Berkley
who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon!!!!
^Thanks for helping me on that one, Patricia. I couldn't figure out how to link him to Jackie Chan.

Funny Pics
from the collection

There are many important life questions worth exploring: What is it I really want? Is this the career for me? Am I going to regret this tattoo? Is my neighbor’s front door installed upside-down? Why am I forced to live among crazy people? Why Do I Live Here? Because, after all, if your neighbors aren’t the weird ones, then, statistically, it’s probably you.

Thank you, thank you. I am here for all eternity.