Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010

So, for the most part, the roads are dry again. Except the road that takes me to work the fastest. That is still a raging river, and

probably will be for a good three or four months. At least.


Today is National Sea Monkey Day, NASCAR Day, and Biographer's Day.

Today in History

1861 Kentucky proclaims its neutrality
1866 Charles Elmer Hires invents root beer
1869 Cincinnati Reds play their 1st baseball game, win 41-7
1874 1st recorded dam disaster in US (Williamsburg Mass)
1954 WGAN (now WGME) TV channel 13 in Portland, ME (CBS) 1st broadcast
1985 Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year
1987 Weird Al Yankovic performs live at 72nd National Orange Show
1992 "Smells Like Nirvana," by Weird Al Yankovic hits #35
2010 Ronnie James Dio dies of cancer.

Word of the Day

eidetic - pertaining to visual imagery vividly experienced and readily reproducible.

from the life & times of jessi bean

Had a fantastic time with Steffi Friday night.

We went to IHOP and then went back to her apartment. Meant to watch 16 Candles, but we ended up watching the Weather Channel and watching the cars splash through the river in the parking lot. Then, around 2:30am, I laid down on her couch and she went to bed, and we meant to go to sleep, but ended up having an epic (5 thread) conversation on FaceBook until about 4:30am. I woke up at 10:15, frantically getting ready for work.

I love her Hello Kitty. Biker Kitteh!

Today, I spent the day at my mom's house playing video games with my son and stealing his "free kisses." Mwah ha ha. :) I also wore his mouse? bunny? hat. :) I am such a dOrk.

Live…From California!!
from the adventures of SPA (my nephew & his friends)

My nephew was the person who let me know that Ronnie James Dio died today of cancer.

People of Chase
from the life & times of … you!

I was going to go in to work today. But got totally thwarted by a six-year old who wanted to play video games. Win? Definitely.

Scary Spice's Song Promotion of the Day
(there ya go, Jan. got mahself a nicky-name. because My Gal Friday said I was scary spice for posting a pic of the scorpion that bit me up on FaceBook. or MySpace. one of them)

Holy Diver by Dio
Rainbow in the Dark by Dio
Like the Beat of a Heart by Dio

Memorial Bonus
Evil Eyes by Dio

Scruffles' Song Promotion of the Day

Holy Diver by Dio (yes, it bears repeating!)
Holy Diver by Killswitch Engage

Mommy's Doin Drugs by ABK


The following quotes are by the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

I've never taken vocal lessons. My early trumpet training and a fortunate talent for singing has always been enough for me. In the case of rock singing, I've always felt it was better to remain a bit untrained to maintain your individuality.

The best subjects are always people, who never fail to amaze me by their unpredictability.

Lyrically I like to use themes that make the listener use his or her imagination, and to give a little of the lessons I've learned in my own life.

from random friends, family, etc.

Scruffles: I swear on Disco that this is a joke and I DO NOT mean it. I just want to get your reaction, and uh I was dared to do this. If I or someone told you that you had a nice body, would you you take your top off and dance a little. (this is such a wrong thing to say! I sorry. I'm getting 5 dollars out of it though!)

Bunneh: N0 iwud say thankz th0 &say b0oqa b0oqa b0oqa

Scruffles: I'll tell you what, you get the 5 dollars. I feel bad, even though it wasn't meant and I was actually in quote "Swore on Disco that I wouldn't be able to do it", but hey I ultimate punched them right after. (my friend Devin told me to do it, it was payback revenge on what I made him do)

Bunneh: I qet 5 d0lrz 4 nuthn yay ! Lol

Scruffles: But theres a catch! You have to come find me in order to get it! I will be at school around 4th or lunch, whenever I decide to stop partying.

Bunneh: Hahaha alritey . . .Nw i realy q0ta find wald0.


Dio was an American heavy metal band led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who formed it in 1982 after leaving Black Sabbath. In an interview, available on the special edition re-release of Holy Diver, Dio states that he never intended to begin a solo career. His intention was to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice. Naming the band Dio made sense from a commercial standpoint, as the name was already well-known at that time. Dio in Italian means "God".[1]

The band has released ten studio albums and has had numerous line-up changes over the years with Ronnie James Dio being the only constant member. Guitarists have included Craig Goldy (most recent guitarist), Doug Aldrich, Vivian Campbell, Tracy G, and Rowan Robertson.


My Life is Average

Today in science we were talking about all the water systems and how they work. Never before had a class made me need to pee so badly. In the bathroom I heard my teacher in the next stall muttering "I need to drop that unit" MLIA

Today, I was playing snowball fight on WiiFit. The Chuck Norris Mii came out. I hit it with a snowball and it fell down. I KNOCKED DOWN CHUCK NORRIS. I felt very epic. MLIA

Today, me and my dad went ice fishing. on our way off the lake the song Love Me by Justin Bieber came on. My dad asked me when Britney Spears released that song. Ive never been more proud. MLIA

Today I learned that every year, there are more than 40,000 toilet related injuries in the United States. MLIA

Text Faux Pas

boyfriend # 1 is in the bathroom and boyfriend # 2 is ringing the doorbell need back up this is not a drill i repeat this is not a drill

Just got off the phone with poison control. They're more concerned about our alcohol intake than that the beer bong was last cleaned with pine sol.

i just hugged the lady at the liquor store goodbye for the summer...

I'm at work, still drunk. Can you turn on the radio? If the station goes off the air I passed out. Can't get fired. Haven't slept yet.

Chuck Norris Factoid of the Day

"Chuck Norris doesn't pop his collar, his shirts just get erections when they touch his body. "

Funny Pics
from the collection

Random Funnies

Thank you, thank you. I am here for all eternity.


By Poetic-Theorem
This is my poem instead of your kiss

This is my poem instead of your kiss,
aching for you each night just like this.
This is my poem instead of your eyes,
needing to see you here by my side.

This is my poem instead of your arms,
longing to hold you to keep me warm.
This is my poem instead of your touch,
wanting to feel you so very much.

This is my poem for you I must write
yearning for your love with me tonight.

Broken Heart annissangsue


Scruffy! said...

That was good. Those pictures were a bit disturbing at times... but nonetheless great! I can't wait 'til tomowwows! Yeah!